PLDM technology review

Mon, 11/02/2009

RealityVision platform

Reality Mobile offers pipeline operators the latest advance in instant video and data sharing software. Its RealityVision platform allows users to transmit data from virtually any networked device and immediately share it with system users around the globe. The software component runs securely on any commercially available hardware and functions on all commercial networks, including cellular, WiFi and satellite.

Proven in the government and defense sectors, Chevron and Energy Ventures just invested in the company which is currently breaking ground in the energy industry. Imagine that an inspection team uncovers a pipeline integrity problem in a remote location. RealityVision offers the ability to instantly and collectively visualize high-value assets in real-time. Field engineers can securely stream live visuals from the scene using a smartphone or laptop, while simultaneously receiving visual information, such as schematics, necessary to diagnose and address the problem quickly while reducing operational costs and downtime.

Reality Mobile has developed the missing link between people, processes, technologies and locations. A true extension of the enterprise to mobile users, Reality Mobile enables key information and visuals to be shared with the people who need to see it most, particularly when seconds count.