Products in Action - Spill Response Simulation

Fri, 07/09/2010

Reality Mobile recently completed a successful marine spill response simulation with a major oilfield services company using the company's RealityVision software platform. The system is designed to give operators a better way to respond to unplanned events ranging from equipment breakdowns and HSE events to production shutdowns and marine spills.

The software platform provides a tool for managing remote operations and maintenance, and functions as a dynamic video and data collaboration network that allows any number of field operators, contractors, employees and subject matter experts in disparate locations to securely share information in real time.

When an event occurs, RealityVision can be used to create a shared view of the incident immediately, often without the need for extensive conversations to explain the event or expensive travel by key subject matter experts to diagnose the problem firsthand.

In the spill simulation, first responders and off-site experts tapped into the RealityVision network to immediately get a true, real-time visual perspective of the spill. Using only the cameras available on existing devices to shoot images and video, field personnel could rapidly transmit data to off-site subject matter experts who could then diagnose the severity of the spill, make informed decisions based on a higher level of understanding and send back key data to inform actions on the scene.

RealityVision is built on industry-standard infrastructure, sits behind the company firewall, and connects users to the network with commercially available devices, such as smartphones and laptops, already in use by oil & gas companies. Existing fixed cameras and other assets can also be tied into the network and monitored remotely.